The Paul McCartney Show is the block you should be listening to

The Paul McCartney Show is the block you should be listening to

This was the second show of the “Got Back” tour in São Paulo The artist demonstrates his love for the homeland at all times. It is not surprising that he will end the series of performances on Brazilian soil, with a performance at the Maracanã, in Rio, on the 16th, which will be broadcast live on Disney +.

At all times, Paul McCartney communicates with the audience, but not always with words. He is the type of artist who can connect with everyone through gestures and charisma. Yes, it’s The Beatles, but it makes you feel at home.

Paul McCartney performs his tour at Allianz Park Photo: Manu Scarpa/Brazil News

For fans of the British quartet, the show was a hit. As in, “I gotta get you into my life,” and “Getting better,” and “I just saw a face,” and “Love me do,” and “Something.”

He also performed the song “I’ve Got a Feeling”, which featured a virtual appearance by John Lennon. For fans of McCartney’s solo songs, there was the famous lights and fireworks display of “Live and Let Die” and other songs, such as “Letting Go”, “Come On To Me”, “Let Me Roll It” and “My Valentine”. .

The 81-year-old guitarist showed, once again, that he still knows how to lead a performance, without letting fatigue get him down.. It teaches new generations of musicians how to put on a quality show and shows that despite being one of the most famous people in the world, you need to go beyond simply relying on your fame.

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