The Ortega dictatorship evicts the 93-year-old mother of its opponent from her home

The Ortega dictatorship evicts the 93-year-old mother of its opponent from her home

Photo: Disclosure/Presidency of Nicaragua

Under the leadership of Daniel Ortega's regime, the Nicaraguan police expelled a 93-year-old woman from her home in Managua last Tuesday, 27. She was identified as Rafaela Cerda, the mother of former judge Rafael Solis Cerda, who then became an opponent of Ortega. She resigned from the Supreme Court of Justice in 2019. Sources close to the family reported that regime police officers demanded a “confiscation order” upon their arrival, forcing the elderly woman to leave her home with only the clothes she was wearing, without the authority to take your medications.

Recently, police also carried out searches at the homes of the sister and nephew of the former judge, Ana Isabel Solis and Aldo Rapaccioli Solis, respectively. Both were not at home and were not detained. According to reports, this is not the first time that Ortega's police have attacked the Cerda family's property; In January, they seized a hotel and confiscated two other family homes.

These confiscation measures form part of the repression carried out by the Ortega regime against exiled opponents. Police act without providing documents or court orders to support their actions, and authorities ignore that many of the seized properties belong to family members who have no political involvement in the cases.

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