The number of UK consumers increased by 88% as the store reopened after the lockdown

The number of UK consumers increased by 88% as the store reopened after the lockdown


From Merianne Rios to Gloria Mariah, celebrities remember stories and congratulate Roberto Carlos

São Paulo, SB (Folsapres) – This Monday Roberto Carlos is celebrating its 80th anniversary (19). Over the course of more than 60 years of his career, the singer has attracted audiences and attracted fans from all over the country with every rose playing. Famous and influential people from the worlds of music and television consider themselves fortunate to have special and fascinating stories with the artist who has been awarded the title of King. Mirian Rios, 62, whom he married between 1980 and 1989, is one of those who made sure to record the affection she still felt for him. “What about someone who has witnessed throughout his life his generosity, solidarity and love for his neighbor,” the actress said in the report. He explained, “My generation grew up listening to the beautiful and romantic songs of Roberto Carlos. The dream of participating in Jovem Guarda is to be able to buy a ticket to be emotional on his show.” “My admiration and passion for Roberto goes beyond all that.” “I lived with a simple and organized Roberto,” he revealed. “A big boy likes to stay home preparing dinner and listening to music. He didn’t sleep without asking his dear mother, Laura, Lala, for blessings.” During this time I had the privilege to learn from it – the importance of living with family and friends. He continued: “The importance of prayer in our life and not making a decision before thinking too much.” “His compositions make us want to love more, live more, and appreciate every second of our lives more.” “Congratulations, dear Roberto Carlos, for your 80th birthday!” He wished. “It’s 80 years that make us cry with joy and affection! Thank you very much for much love and respect. May God bless you and your family forever! Millions of kisses.” * Introduction Gloria Maria, 71 years old, she is one of Roberto Carlos’s best friends. Her first call was in 2019 after undergoing brain surgery. And in every show or recording, there was a presenter who shared that many feelings with him. “When I was asked to write a certificate to celebrate his birthday, I shuddered at the base, Roberto. I spent hours searching for a smart, different, emotional way to speak to you. And I discovered that the most authentic thing is simply knowing how wonderful my love for you is,” he says. * Singer Luan Santana, 30, reveals that he loves Roberto Carlos so much that he has always read and studied more about the king’s history. “I heard his romance got very strong since 1970, 20 years before I was born, in the 1990s when I was born [em 1991]Constructions of religiosity were strong in him, “he says.” It is impossible not to talk about “Noosa Senora” that touches my soul. The most memorable moment was in 2014 when I sang with him. Greetings to the king. * Presenter Mara Maravella, 53, is another fan of the cards. “Roberto sings everything we love to hear women. Your artwork inspires me a lot. The re-recording of” Jesus Cristo “with Erasmo Carlos was one of the best awards I got as a singer and performer,” he recalls. * Zizi di Camargo, 58, and Luciano, 48, have a very beautiful history with the artist. In 1991, they both released their greatest song yet, “É O Amor”, exactly in April, the year of RC’s birthday. At the end of that year, the two participated in the artist’s traditional year-end ceremony. “There are so many feelings (laughs). The other great prize of life, more than any other prize, was when, in Jerusalem, at the performance the king made there, before he sang the song” Caruso, “he praised me,” says Zizi. ” With Roberto or see him. Passion without limits. ” * Luciano Camargo also says he shivered from the norm at his first encounter with the star. “I was only 18 when I confronted the King face to face. I was shivering, I was tense, I couldn’t believe it, I pressed myself. More than applause, I always respect Roberto Carlos * Presenter Anna Maria Braga, 72, says passion, love and passion are the words that most enchant her in the king’s music. “This is also the most sincere and beautiful sentiment. It has been a part of my life ever since forever. Congratulations, Roberto, Continue to charm and surprise us with your art, your beautiful voice, and your affection, “he concludes.

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