“The novels try to set us up against our brothers in the Northeast.”

“The novels try to set us up against our brothers in the Northeast.”

Published on 10/06/2022 12:11 / Updated on 10/06/2022 12:11

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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is running for re-election, said that “narratives” are trying to put him “against Brothers from the NortheastIndirectly to the political opponent Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who with Play the second roundalso CEO of Soft Talk.

Kind talk is fun, but it is courage and firmness that guarantee the security and future of a people and a nation at crucial moments. On Thursday (6/10), Bolsonaro said via social media that it is these virtues that protect us from attacks on our sovereignty, blackmailing the powerful and conspiracies that kill our people.

Citing Labor by name, he described Lola’s “deception” as “deceiving the people while their government robs and deceives them about the false acquittal of their crimes”.


As Bolsonaro asked voters: “Don’t fall for narratives that try to set us against our brothers in the northeast. The left is splitting to conquer. They have already tried with blacks, women, indigenous people, etc. Now they are trying with the northeast, to stifle conquests like San Francisco switchthat we have come to.”

In new attacks on Lula, the president added that “it is impossible to promote the biggest and most destructive corruption scheme From our history and at the same time respecting democracy.”

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Defending democracy is commendable, but the left has turned it into safe behavior for the corrupt. “Although he is a thief, he is a defender of democracy.” The problem is that corruption is precisely one of the biggest attacks on democracy, because the victim is its mainstay: the people.”

He concluded by saying that Lula’s talk of respecting democracy contradicts the issues of the corruption scandal. “It is impossible to promote the largest and most destructive corruption scheme in our history while at the same time respecting democracy. It is like promoting abortion and respect for life, or drunkenness and respect for the liver. If you do one, you are necessarily attacking the other!”

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