The next Gkay concert will cost 8 million riyals, see details

Gkay já prepara a próxima festa que irá realizar. Créditos: Reprodução Twitter

Mato Grosso, Thursday, May 21, by Marie Pires from the sitePrime Minister’s Diaries – Farova JKAY It only takes place in December, but the preparations have already begun now. The influencer spoke to columnist Léo Dias and announced that she would be spending over 8 million reais on her next attraction. She also said that the amount will be invested so that the event goes the way you envision it.

In addition, Gkay also stated that there will be three new novelties that have never been implemented in any farofa. The influencer did not reveal what the news was, but confirmed that each guest received rewards before celebrating One of the most famous parties in Brazil.

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“There will be three novelties that have not been made before at Farofa da Gkay. I tell you what not yet but I expect there will be three news! In fact, I can say that we will already have a big difference even before Farofa happens, see? All the guests will get Bonus before the party starts.” Jessica revealed to the column.

However, Gkay made the point to comment on some of the attractions. The event stage will be attended by Léo Santana and Wesley Safadão. It is noteworthy that the influencer posted Tomorrowland Theater and made netizens curious about the topic of the next party.

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Netizens are talking about Jakay Varova

Gkay’s farofa is one of the most popular parties of the year which takes place in December. Last year, the influencer closed a park in Fortaleza and called all her friends, paying for travel and accommodation. For these reasons, attraction generates comments to this day.

People say it was spent. This is called investing. One netizen said, “Guys, it’s an investment. Big brands saw a comeback last year, and now others will also want to join because there are opportunities to turn into a ‘festival’ that takes place every year.” Another commented.

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