The newspaper says the decision on the new president is still open and Bartolomeo could be reappointed

The newspaper says the decision on the new president is still open and Bartolomeo could be reappointed

TV series related to the new president of Yes (VALE3) continues without result. The company's board of directors met on Friday (02) to discuss the issue, but, according to Valor Economico, it did not reach a ruling.

The expectation is that Vale's advice We meet again in the coming days. Current president of the mining company Edward BartholomewHe is still in the process of running for reappointment to the position, according to the post. But the source who spoke to the report stated that “a lot of water is still flowing.”

Still according to Valor, the Vale Board of Directors, consisting of 13 members, decided what course to follow. Information received regarding the company's succession process is diffuse, indicating a lack of consensus among the board of directors.

According to the newspaper, it recommended opening a competitive process to select the new one CEO of Vale. Thus, a recruitment company selects three candidates to compete for the position, one of which will be Eduardo himself. Bartholomewwho currently holds this position.

In addition to the current Valley headthere would be another possible candidate Luis Henrique GuimarãesMember of the board of directors and management of the mining company and a trusted executive Rubens OmetoA businessman who owns Cosan Company (CSAN3).

But the third name will be unknown. Therefore, it is possible that a candidate from outside the company will emerge.

However, according to Valor's investigation, there is no consensus on opening this competitive process, since part of the Board of Directors would be willing to formalize a proposal for the direct reappointment of Bartolomeu. In this case, the current CEO of the mining company will get indicators to improve his management, such as the need to improve the institutional relationship with the federal government.

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The conditions necessary for Bartolomeo to assume office will be determined between Saturday and Sunday and will be presented to the executive authority next week. If approved, the Council will hold a new extraordinary meeting to vote on the renewal.

the majority Collective valley It will be in favor of Eduardo Bartolomeo, according to Valor. However, the issue is sensitive and concerns commercial and governmental interests, such as Lula's attempt to promote a name Guido Mantega In the company. As a result, the process of succession to the presidency began Yes It stays open.

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