The newspaper says that Kate Middleton will be very sad from the repercussions of the modified photo

The newspaper says that Kate Middleton will be very sad from the repercussions of the modified photo

And Kate Middleton's edited photo continues to create something to talk about! Although the Princess of Wales has issued a formal apology for editing a Mother's Day photo in which she appeared with her three children, speculation surrounding the photo continues to take hold. Internet. This time the newspaper woman He pointed out that the photo was taken in only 40 minutes.

All the controversy would have left the king very sad. Furthermore, she allegedly edited the photo not just once, but three times Photo shop Before publishing it. British royal sources even opined that Kate only wanted an informal family photo. Royal writer Ingrid Seward said:

-It's so ridiculous and unfair when you're trying to recover from major surgery. She's been taking photos her whole real life, so give her a break.

Sources said that Prince William's wife was thinking about her children when she edited the shot, hoping they would look good for their own good. However, aides at Kessington Palace are said to have spent weeks planning the photo shoot to quell rumors about the health of Kate, who underwent abdominal surgery.

The princess was recently seen in the back seat of the car with her husband as he left Windsor and headed to London to participate in public events. The mother of three was going to a private engagement and did not accompany William. said royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams Sudden appearance Kate's response to the furore over photo editing was inappropriate.

– When journalists said they wanted to see Catherine, no one, as I understand it, meant exactly that. The sudden appearance she has just made is an instinctive reaction that lacks what royalty should have, which is dignity. This deal also overshadowed Commonwealth Day. It wasn't supposed to be two and a half months where she seemed to disappear; Sometimes we had to feel connected, although it was important for her to feel like she was maintaining her privacy.

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