the newspaper | Covid-19: After the new variant, cases increase 4 times a week in ES

Health Surveillance Agent Luis Carlos Reblin says the numbers mark the beginning of a new wave of the disease in the state.

The micron sub-variant, BQ.1 has already been detected in the state. (Freepik)

Posted on November 13, 2022 at 7:32 pm

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After the arrival of the new replacement for Ômicron, BQ.1, the past week has been four times more than COVID-19 From its predecessor in Espiritu Santo. The jump jumped from 333 to 1,469 diagnoses of the disease. Undersecretary for Health Surveillance, Luis Carlos Reblin, explained in an interview that the numbers indicate that a new wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic is underway. Newspaper This Sunday (13).

According to Reblin, the Secretary of State for Health (SESA) I already predicted a potential increase in cases due to the agglomerations that occurred during the electoral period. The Undersecretary notes that this factor with the new variable explains the most recent data. In addition, it indicates that the steeper curve this week may be a sign that the next curve will continue to increase.

“Previously, there was an understanding that it could be a reflection of period conglomerates elections🇧🇷 The association of this variable with clusters showed that we have had an increase in cases in the past few weeks, and the increase in the last week was greater than the previous ones. This indicates that we have a new wave of disease underway. “We think the trend is growth,” Riplin said.

The Undersecretary stressed that the data that will be collected this week will be important to analyze the development of the disease and what will come after that to check whether there is stability or another upward curve.

Reblin noted that Espirito Santo has gone through other waves during the nearly three-year epidemic. In January of this year, in one day, 22,660 cases were recorded, at the height of the spread of the virus. In July, in one day, there were 6,613 confirmations.

Right now, the average is around 300 cases per day. The Undersecretary stated that no repercussions for this increase in the number of deaths have so far appeared. There were no deaths from illness for 16 days in Espiritu Santo. In 73 of the state’s 78 municipalities, deaths have not been recorded for at least two months.

State Under Secretary of Health, Luis Carlos Riblin
Reblin says the trend is for Covid cases to grow in the state. (disclosure | Sesa)

Although it is still a period to analyze the behavior of BQ.1 in Espírito Santo and Brazil, it is now possible to evaluate information about the variant in the countries where it has been in circulation for a longer period.

“We still don’t have a long time exposure to this variable, but in the countries where it has been traded the most, with a greater accumulation of information, everything indicates that it has less individual risk. The problem is collective because it causes a lot of diseases. The risk is high, especially for people with comorbidities and the elderly, which, unfortunately, can lead to increased mortality,” Riblin said.

In 2022, the end of the year will be celebrated, in addition to the traditional parties and family gatherings at Christmas and New Year, by world Cup, which also generates agglomerations. These events raise concern regarding the scenario of increased cases of Covid-19. Replin comments that the solution is a “vaccine in the arm.”

We will likely go through the month of December living with an increase in the number of cases. We will hold a World Cup that brings fans. Then come the end of the year parties. Given all this, the best solution is to take the vaccine. Even if the dependent variable had escape, those who were vaccinated had a much greater tendency to develop lighter and faster,” he said.

Reblin notes that mask use has always been indicated and highly recommended for people with comorbidities and the elderly. In addition, the test is very important, so that the isolation and transmission are reduced.

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