The new WHATSAPP SHORTCUT catches the attention of users; Know what changes are in the app

WhatsApp is one of the main applications present on the cell phones of Brazilians. This application gives citizens access to many features to communicate with each other, such as the ability to send voice or text messages, exchange videos or photos and more.

The number of downloads from the official stores has exceeded 170 million. One of the reasons that may explain the popularity of the app is the fact that the features are available for free. However, another factor that can also explain this is that, from time to time, the app launches new features. This is the case of the new WhatsApp shortcut, which has caught the attention.

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New WhatsApp shortcut

Nowadays it is very common for people using WhatsApp to create a group with themselves. This group acts as a form of virtual agenda, where the person can quickly and easily submit the important information they need to access.

For example, appointments, meetings, payment receipts, and photos that the user would like to save, among other things, can be sent to this group.

However, to be able to create this group on their own, the user has to create a group by adding another person and then deleting that person.

The reason for this is that the application did not allow to create a group of only one person. Now, a new WhatsApp shortcut promises to start changing that situation.

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resource already available?

The new WhatsApp shortcut is being released to the app users little by little. With this, you will no longer need to add and then remove another person from the group to start a conversation on your own.

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The launch of the new feature started last Monday, November 28th. iOS and Android mobile phones can receive it now.

It will work as follows: The user’s contact can be selected at the top of the list to start a conversation. Before, even if a person saved their own number, this was not an alternative.

According to a note by WhatsApp, this feature can provide more convenience if a person wants to send something to themselves, using the app for that.

Depending on the note, you can send shopping lists, reminders, notes, to-do lists, and more.

Other jobs available

In addition, WhatsApp has also released another feature that may catch users’ attention. You can now create polls in groups and chats.

The company also said that it is in the process of studying an upcoming feature that may be available at some point.

The new functionality would allow users the ability to shop and also search for other businesses, all using WhatsApp.

In this way, WhatsApp also reported that this possibility could make the shopping experience a game-changer, since it would not be necessary to move to another platform to complete the purchase.

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