The new Simpsons special makes fun of Netflix


The Simpsons It became one of the most popular animation to show a parody of reality (and even anticipate the future). Now, the series will have a special movie inspired by the police drama and live broadcast.

Worthy “Flanders is dangerousThe episode will be split into two parts with a Simpflix poster (a joke between The Simpsons and Netflix) featuring Homer and Ned Flanders in the “violent art world of prestigious television.”

paying off:

Executive Producer Matt Salman said in an interview with diverse.

The episode features a famous cast to give voices to plot characters – a treat for drama fans. Among them is Brian Cox (Succession), Christine Milioti (Fargo), Timothy Oliphant (dead wood), Chris O’Dowd (game nameand Jessica Barrymad Men).

Released in 1989, the series is a parody of middle-class lifestyle in the United States through a traditional family (nothing) starring Homer Simpson and the other members.

The first part ofFlanders is dangerousIt arrives on November 7 and the second on the 14th in the United States. You can check out all 33 seasons of The Simpsons on Star+.

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