The new planet found by NASA is considered habitable. a look!

The new planet found by NASA is considered habitable.  a look!

One of the most important researches of great scientists is the search for something new planets, mainly habitable. right Now , NASA The US space agency revealed that a new planet has been identified by scientists of the Transiting Exoplanet Exploration Satellite (TESS) mission.

The new captured planet was titled TOI700 And it has exciting ingredients for researchers. It orbits within the habitable zone, which is the distance liquid water can pass across the planet’s surface.

after you who a land It is about 100 light-years away and is 95% the size of our home. Its characteristics indicate rocky soil.

Tess, responsible for the discovery of TOI 700, has only been observing the mysteries of the sky for two years, and his results are promising. Ben Hurd, senior researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland (USA), revealed:

“Had the star been a little closer or the planet a little larger, we might have been able to pinpoint TOI 700 and in the first year of TESS data.”

For her part, Alison Youngblood, Deputy Tess Project Scientist at Goddard and Astrophysicist stated:

“However, the signal was so weak that we needed an additional year of traffic observations to determine it. We look forward to other exciting discoveries hidden in the mission dataset.”

the NASA He also gave some reports and said:

“Scientists define the habitable zone as the optimistic zone, where the range of distances from the surface of liquid water could have existed at some point in the planet’s history.”

The researchers have already achieved positive results with the task. Prior to TOI 700, scientists identified three more planets in the TOI 700 system, named TOI 700 b, c, and d. It is also located in the ascending zone.

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Emily Gilbert, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, who led the project, said:

“It is one of the few systems for which we know of small, multi-zone habitable planets.”


This makes the TOI 700 system an interesting opportunity for further follow-up. Planet ‘e’ is about 10% smaller than the planet, and So the system also shows how additional Tess observations are helping us find smaller and smaller worlds.”

The researchers will continue to explore planets Through Tess for the, in more depth, details of this new habitable planet.

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