The new group receives the thirteenth salary this month; Check the maximum date!

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Many Brazilians are anxiously awaiting their release From the thirteenth salary🇧🇷 Most of the time, citizens use the bonus to pay bills, settle debts or make special purchases in December.

The thirteenth, also known as the birthday bonus, is issued annually and can be worth up to one lowest wages🇧🇷

Pay the thirteenth salary for the month of November

First, it is important to note that the payment of the thirteenth salary for the year should be divided into two installments, the first being completed on November 30 and the second on December 20.

Domestic workers, private sector workers, public employees, and temporary contract workers are entitled to an additional allowance. However, for the latter case, the payment is made according to the number of working months in the year.

It should also be noted that those who went on sick leave during the working period will also benefit from the additional allowance. In this sense, if the vacation is up to 15 days, the company will be responsible for paying the thirteenth salary. However, if the leave is for a longer period, the company pays the equivalent of the working period and the remaining amount is borne by the employee. National Institute of Social Security (INSS)🇧🇷

Pensioners and INSS retirees may also benefit. However, those who received advance payments, in May and June of this year, will not be able to get the resource back.

How is the thirteenth salary calculated?

First, it is important to emphasize that the thirteenth refers to the release of the nature of the salary, such as the payment of overtime, commissions and night shifts.

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The allowance is calculated based on the employee’s months of work. Thus, those who work for 12 months will receive the full amount of the thirteenth salary, i.e. the minimum wage (1,212 R$).

It should be noted that those who have been active for less than 15 days per year will not be entitled to the additional value.

The thirteenth salary INSS in one go

According to information from the government and INSSthe payments will be made to those who earn the national minimum wage of R$1,212 (the current minimum wage) and those who receive more than this amount.

In 2022, Thirteenth salary in one go Available to retirees, retirees and other beneficiaries of INSS who began receiving Social Security benefits as of May 2022.

In the first half of this year, the government chose the reimbursement provided by thirteenth salary from INSS. Thus, a significant part of Brazilians have already received payments. It is estimated that about 30.5 million people have already received the 13 advances, in two installments, between April and June.

According to government data, there is still Pay the thirteenth salary in lump sum For a total of 5.5 million Brazilians. It is important to remember that the supplemental allowance is paid in proportion to the number of months the beneficiaries received Social Security payments.

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