The new Chevrolet Montana is the name of the Fiat Toro’s unprecedented competition pickup truck

The new Chevrolet Montana is the name of the Fiat Toro's unprecedented competition pickup truck

Earlier this year, General motors Reactivate one 10 billion Brazilian reals Which was announced in 2019, but has been frozen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, just six months after the announcement, the automaker has confirmed the first news that is on the way. The GM will launch The new generation of Chevrolet Montana pickup.

Confirmation of the name came in Video One minute was posted on social networks. In it, the complex shows a small part of the São Caetano do Sul factory, at ABC Paulista. The unit is currently discontinued, receiving new robots and tools needed to produce an unprecedented model, which will be exactly New Chevrolet Montana.

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In the video, Carlos Zarlinga, President of General Motors South America, celebrates the start of work to modernize the assembly line in São Caetano do Sul. And that’s not all: architecture will serve A new generation of spinningexpected in 2022.

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However, as GM makes clear, the new Montana will come first. In other words, our vintage Chevrolet National Cars will be unlocked. Not by chance, at the end of the video, Zarlinga confirms that the plant is preparing to produce the “new Chevrolet Montana”. However, this time the truck will challenge the larger models, especially the model Fiat Toro.

“This new product is very important to us, it is very important to GM’s presence in Brazil. We are very committed to our presence in Brazil,” says Carlos Zarlinga, in a clear reference to stronghold, which closed its Brazilian factories in January. “And I think the new Chevrolet Montana will make a huge difference to our portfolio,” continues the GM president, thus revealing the name of the pickup.

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Same basis as Onix and the new Tracker

Although the GM chief didn’t reveal a release date, it’s likely that Chevrolet will introduce the new Montana later this year, throughout the second half. It will be a way to warm up the commercial debut of the new pickup, which is supposed to take place in early 2022.

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