The mother complains that the hostess sent her to stick a mask on her two-year-old daughter

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant Ali Klik has accused her two-year-old daughter, who was crying and refused to wear protection over her nose and mouth, on a flight from Orlando, Florida. to Norfolk, Virginia, on Thursday (12).

“I can’t believe this happened to us today. You hear about things like that, but you never expect it to happen to you,” the mother said in a text posted on social networks hours after the flight.

According to Ali, even before takeoff, the flight seemed difficult because it lacked basic amenities: no air conditioning in the Florida heat and an hour and a half delay. He explained, “When my 2-year-old daughter started crying, she wouldn’t sit still with her mask on. Drew usually sucks her thumb, and that’s the only biologically she knows how to calm down, which is impossible with a mask.” .

Then two flight attendants, according to the mother, approached and watched as she tried to calm the girl and keep her with the mask, which is part of the health protocol to protect against Covid-19.

“There were a lot of tears, Drew and I,” he said. “Then a flight attendant told me two things: We could cut a hole in the mask or we could stick it to her face.” “Her sarcasm was ridiculous and disgusting. Wearing a mask is a federal thing, I understand and respect it. But at some point, we need human decency and compassion. I have no words, I’m shivering.”

In an interview with Fox News, Ali Klik reported that the flight attendant indicated that she would have glue available on the plane to apply. “What I do know is, regardless of whether it was sarcasm or not, I was embarrassed and tried to follow orders as best I could. My daughter is two years old. We were doing everything we could to cooperate.”

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The airline sent a statement to the station, commenting only that “customers are reminded of the federal order to wear masks multiple times before travel.”

“The federal travel mask wearing mandate becomes effective February 2, 2021 and requires all passengers over two years of age to wear a mask at all times during their journey. We value our customers’ continued cooperation as we work collectively, to pursue the federal mandate and support the well-being of all who travel during COVID-19 pandemic,” the text says.

Ali Klik told Insider that the airline has since apologized to the family. “I just hope we all have some compassion for each other,” he concluded.

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