The model was expelled from the BBB23 House of Glass for being half-naked

The model was expelled from the BBB23 House of Glass for being half-naked
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Juliano Castro caused riots in front of the Casa de Vidro

BBB 23’s Casa de Vidro has attracted the most colorful characters you can imagine. On Wednesday afternoon (11), security guards had to intervene and remove model Juliano Castro from Via Parque Shopping, in Rio de Janeiro, after he was half naked in front of the building. His goal: to catch the attention of GPD Oliveira, Boninho.

In the video, which was received exclusively by the column, Giuliano arrives at the mall dressed appropriately and holding a sign in his hands. He opens a path right in front of the greenhouse and begins to take off all his clothes, leaving only his underwear and holding a sign.

“Since I didn’t enter BBB 23, I came here to make trouble,” said the sign the boy was holding. Security quickly got into action and removed him from the scene.

Giuliano is not completely unknown to the public. Those who followed the reality of Cruzeiro Colorido, who had an entirely LGBTQIAP+ cast, saw the boy doing his best in confinement. But the poor guy was left with a reputation as a “cuckold”.

The nickname came about because he became involved with Hericles Castro while he was in confinement. The two did everything you can imagine. And when he began to become romantically involved, Giuliano discovered that his partner was married.

Watch the video of his invasion of the greenhouse:

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