The model shows the result of facial surgery after an attack that cut off part of the mouth

The model shows the result of facial surgery after an attack that cut off part of the mouth

Brooklyn Khoury showed in a video clip on her YouTube channel the result of reconstructive surgery on her face. The supermodel had her upper lip and a lot of skin up to her nose ripped off in a pitbull attack. The operation cost about 400 thousand US dollars, which is approximately 2.2 million Brazilian reals.

The 22-year-old skater has been constantly publicizing her recovery process and doesn’t mind showing off her damaged face from the attack.

“A lot of people are telling me not to post my face now, because of the current situation, but I will not hide this process. If someone is watching this video and they are going to do the same, they will not feel alone. If you are uncomfortable, I do not need to watch it,” he said.

According to the model, she had a wound to her neck that was connected to a nerve taken from her arm, which was placed in tissue in place of her upper lips. So far, Brooklyn said, the skin and tissues have not been rejected by the body. Now the young woman has confirmed that she will continue to have more surgeries and that the most important thing for now is patience.

“I am so grateful that I left [do hospital]I’m glad I’m recovering, I’m trying to get excited about the next stages of the surgery. I just accept it day in and day out,” thanks.

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