The missing person was photographed walking around Abukarana in hospital clothes

The missing person was photographed walking around Abukarana in hospital clothes

A family from Abukarana contacted TNonline Sunday morning (14) claims that Cristiano Aparecido dos Santos, 36 years old, has been missing since last Friday (12), when he was admitted to Hospital da Providencia and escaped from the health unit without explaining this to his family. See the video below.

Sister Maria do Socorro dos Santos stated that a police report had been registered. According to her, Cristiano has problems with alcohol addiction and fell in front of the public when he had an epileptic seizure on Wednesday (10). “He fell on his face on the ground and hit everything. Then my husband called for help and Samo took him to Providencia.”“He said to Maria.

Cristiano Aparecido dos Santos, 36, missing

The next day, Thursday, Cristiano was found walking around central Abukarana wearing hospital clothes. According to the sister, a social worker took the man to the family home. However, he had an outbreak again and was taken to hospital again, where he was admitted for the second time.

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“They reported on Friday that he was wandering near the station [urbano] In hospital clothes again. With the serum in the arm. We then called Hospital da Providencia, who informed us that it was in the system, but was not in the room. He escaped twice and now we don't hear from him.”“, said the sister

A video filmed and sent to the family shows Cristiano walking down a street in Abukarana. look:

Information about Cristiano's whereabouts can be sent to the military police at 190 or to the civilian police at 181.

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