The Minister of Ports announces investments of more than R$10 billion in the Port of Santos until 2028; View projects | Sea port

The Minister of Ports announces investments of more than R$10 billion in the Port of Santos until 2028;  View projects |  Sea port

The Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, was at the headquarters of the Santos Port Authority (APS) on Monday (11) – Photo: Vanessa Rodriguez / Tribuna Journal

The Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, announced more than 10 billion Brazilian reals In investments for the Port of Santos on the coast of São Paulo, on Monday (11). The amount comes within the 2024/2028 investment plan of the Ministry of Ports and Airports.

The Minister accompanied a technical inspection in Guaruja, in the area of ​​​​the future Metropolitan Civil Airport (See details below). He then went to the headquarters of the Santos Port Authority (APS), where he held a press conference and announced investments in the Santos Pier, totaling more than 10 billion Brazilian reals.

Investments include areas such as the logistics infrastructure of the Port of Santos, dredging, railways, passenger terminal, Parque Valongo and truck parking, as well as improvements in the technology sector.

Schedule with Details of each investment Scheduled until 2028, presented by APS CEO, Anderson Bomini. The representative of the Port Authority stressed, “We have an obligation to prove that a public port can be effective, and we will do that.”

It was the highlight of the schedule History of the transfer from Concais to the Valongo region. The signing is scheduled to take place in June of this year (See details in the table). According to the Algerian News Agency, the total investments announced for the port complex until 2028 amount to 12.6 billion. The amount is more than double the amount invested between 2019 and 2023 (R$ 78.71 million).

Verify investments annually:

Within 10 years, it is expected to be approx 21 billion Brazilian reals Only from public money or as a result of public-private partnership in the Port of Santos. According to the minister, strategic planning is necessary to develop the largest port complex in the country.

“This volume of investments will make Porto grow and develop and give us predictability,” Costa stressed in a press conference.

Projects planned in Santos Port

project investment Climate prediction
Implementation of the Santos-Guaruja tunnel 6 billion Brazilian reals (50% by the Ministry and 50% by the Government of São Paulo) 2025 (franchise start)
Avenida Perimetral da Margem Direita (Alimoa Department, in Santos) 25.8 million Brazilian reals August 2024 (rehabilitation of works) and October 2025 (completion of works)
Avenida Perimetral da Margem Esquerda (Guarujá – Phase II) 544 million Brazilian reals January 2026 (commencement of works) and February 2030 (completion of works)
Dredging the quays to deepen the quays between warehouses 12A and 23 14.9 million Brazilian reals June 2024 (completion of works)
Dredging to deepen the channel to 16 metres 324.1 million Brazilian reals October 2025 (commencement of works) and June 2026 (completion of works)
Dredging concession for 20 years R$6.5 billion (in 20 years) First semester 2026 (auction) and second semester (contract)
Implementing a ship movement monitoring system, technologies and drones 169 million Brazilian reals Q1 2025 (start-up) and Q2 2026 (start-up)
Valongo Park 100 million Brazilian reals June 2025 (Delivery of Warehouse 04), September 2024 (Delivery of Boulevard) and the end of 2025 (Completion of the first three phases)
Transfer from Concais to Valongo R$1.4 billion (public/private investment) June 2024 (location transfer signed)
Reinforcing the docks on Barnaby Island 112.3 million Brazilian reals November 2025 (commencement of works) and November 2027 (completion of works)
Digital parking and truck traffic monitoring (PPP) 800 million Brazilian reals August 2025 (commencement of works) and September 2026 (completion of works)
Itatinga Public-Private Partnership Plant 500 million Brazilian reals January 2025 (Modeling studies delivered)
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It is a priority, according to the minister a job An underwater tunnel will connect Santos and Guaruja. According to him, the schedule for the start of public hearings on dry contact in Brasilia will be announced next Wednesday (13).

“We want to accelerate investments to actually start this work,” Costa explained.

The Minister announced an investment plan for the Port of Santos – Photo: Vanessa Rodriguez/A Tribuna Journal

According to Costa, investments are in the range of approx 23 million Brazilian reals just to The first step Work that includes improving track infrastructure – from lighting to asphalt rehabilitation.

In the second stage, expectations for more 20 million Brazilian reals. The minister explained that airlines, such as Azul and Gol, have already expressed interest in operating at the site.

“It will be essential for us to be able to promote tourism here in Baixada Santista, especially in Guaruja,” he stressed.

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