The minister expects 16.8 million doses in the next six days

The minister expects 16.8 million doses in the next six days

Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga said Thursday evening, the 29th, that the federal government will distribute 16.8 million doses of vaccines against COVID-19 in the next six days. This announcement came in a speech he delivered at the reception of the shipment of one million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which will be sent to Brazilian capitals from Friday the 30th.

Quiroga did not explain the amount of distribution of the other two vaccines used in the country, the Coronavac vaccine from the Butantan Institute, and the vaccine from the AstraZeneca laboratory in partnership with the University of Oxford, produced in Brazil by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. (Fiucrose). The announcement comes at a time when cities in various states have been forced to stop advancing due to lack of doses.

Despite this scenario, the minister praised Brazil’s vaccination capacity, citing data that the country is the fifth in terms of doses most applied against Covid-19, after the United States, India, China and the United Kingdom. However, the figure refers to absolute vaccine data and does not take into account the proportion in relation to the total population of Brazil. At least 50 countries applied more doses than Brazil.

Data from the Media Association this Thursday shows that Brazilian cities have vaccinated 31.2 million people with the first dose, accounting for 14.74% of the total population. It drops to 7.15% between those who received the two doses necessary for a full immunization. With a suboptimal vaccination rate, the country reached 400,000 victims of the COVID-19 virus this Thursday.

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Of the 16.8 million doses, Kiruga noted that the number is equal to or greater than the population of countries such as Portugal, Greece and Israel. “All of this is possible thanks to the strength of the National Immunization Program. The negativity wants to deny the obvious: We are feeding our population with unprecedented efficiency. We have the capacity to vaccinate 2.4 million people every day,” he said at the airstrip. . By Viracopos.

Despite this capacity, the maximum has not been reached in the current vaccination campaign. In the past 24 hours, for example, cities have administered 977,000 vaccines, between the first and second doses.

The Minister of Health commented, “The government is committed to bringing safe, effective, and effective vaccines approved by our health authorities. This is how we will build the confidence of the Brazilian community.” The deal with Pfizer provides for 100 million and was closed this year after government bargaining in negotiations last year when it offered 70 million doses. This week Anvisa rejected a country’s request to import the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

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