The message shows an unprecedented insight into the animals’ super sense

The message shows an unprecedented insight into the animals’ super sense

A “lost” letter from Albert Einstein to Glenn Davies, a famous researcher and Nobel laureate, was discovered more than 70 years after it was sent. In the letter the German physicist spoke of his ideas about the hypothesis.Super feelingAnimals, a concept that was only embraced by the rest of the scientific community in the twenty-first century.

In the letter, the scientist mentioned that some animals could have increased sensory perception, something that was only officially discovered decades later. In a 1949 correspondence, Einstein cites Davys to a still unknown “physical process”, asserting that birds can help understand the problem.

The genius wrote: “It is possible that an investigation into the behavior of migratory birds and homing pigeons could one day lead to an understanding of some physical processes that are not yet known.”

In fact, Einstein was right: in 2008 it was announced that birds have a magnetic sensor that allows them to accurately orient themselves, and even today, analyzes are trying to better understand the topic and its intricacies.

The “lost” letter that is now only reprinted by newspapers such as the Daily Mail was in the possession of Judith Davis, Glenn’s widow.

Adrian Dyer of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology commented: “Seven decades after Einstein suggested that new physics could come from animal perception, we are seeing discoveries that enhance our understanding of navigation and basic principles of physics.” My body – my body.

Carl von Frisch, an ethicist and also a Nobel Prize winner, was mentioned in the letter to Davis. Einstein and Frisch were pioneers in sensory studies on bees.

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