The list of participants will be released on the fourteenth

The list of participants will be released on the fourteenth

The list of participants for “BBB 22” (TV Globo) will be released on Friday. The information was confirmed by Tadeu Schmidt during TV Globo.

“People who get into the game, inside the house, we’ll get together on ‘Big Day’, that whole day dedicated to introducing our new best friends. Or not, right, who knows? It’s Friday throughout the entire program,” said the presenter.

Patricia Poeta, presenter of “Encontro”, On Monday, he said that the names of the brothers would be revealed Thursday, but back today.

Understand the reasons for the delay in the announcement of participants in the “BBB 22” program

splash She found that one of the reasons Globo still had information on the names that would be in the most watched house in Brazil was the “outbreak” of Covid. As for the “trapped” with the disease, it will be from the “Bebuka” group (unknown) and the alarm will be activated on the station.

This afternoon, the Globe confirmed that three of the participants inBBB A 22-year-old inside a hotel in Rio has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the announcer, The trio will enter the reality house after the other brothers as soon as they are completely free of the virus.

The channel also informed the public of the suspension of the public and the presence of family and friends on the days of the deletion indefinitely.

Globo, benefiting from the isolation, has retested and followed all safety protocols. Participants with symptoms and more than one positive test have already been released from isolation and will not be in the next release of reality.

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There is still no information on individuals from “Camarote” with positive tests for covid-19 virus.

“BBB 22” is scheduled to premiere on January 17th.

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