The leaker promises PlayStation ads

The leaker promises PlayStation ads

One of the most popular early game profiles in recent years, snitch It is said that he retired at the end of last year. But it didn’t seem to last long. “the cagueta”, Translate the name into English, is back. And with the possibility of news about Play Station. According to him, the company should announce “things” that are not from PlayStation Studios very soon.

Snitch has used its Discord group to post the information, it has been reported. Insider Gaming website. In the letter, the leaker revealed that a very reliable source sent him a direct message on Twitter saying the revelation wouldn’t take long to happen: Third party stuff will be announced soon..

However, there are no details about what the game will be. Some netizens are putting together the possible pieces to try and put together the puzzle. For example: This weekend, there were rumors of a possible announcement Metal Gear Solid remake for PS5. Recently, allegedly New science fiction game for the PlayStation. So the possibilities are many.

The snitch didn’t talk about the state of play

Another rumor that has been circulating a lot in recent days is the possible state of play in February or March, as Sony’s response to Microsoft’s presentation scheduled for the end of January. However, The Snitch didn’t say anything about it. Anyway, if these announcements really do happen, it’s very likely that they will be through a traditional PlayStation digital event already.

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