The law makes it easier to use the Brazilian CNH in Portugal

The law makes it easier to use the Brazilian CNH in Portugal

Vicente Nunes – Reporter in Portugal

Published 07/07/2022 20:57 / Updated 07/07/2022 21:01

The scale is valid for all countries that make up the Community of Portuguese Language (CPLP) – (Credit: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil)

LISBON, PORTUGAL – Returning home, after a luncheon with President Jair Bolsonaro was canceled, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, delivered good news to Brazilians living in Portuguese territory. Enactment of the law of recognition of health National Driver’s License (CNH) Brazilian. Until then, in order to drive legally in Portugal, Brazilians had to wait 90 days after obtaining their residence permit to request that their driver’s license be exchanged for a Portuguese one. This procedure applies to all countries that make up the Community of Portuguese Language (CPLP).

“It’s very little news,” says Lucio Gonçalves, 57, who recently arrived in Portugal, where he will be staying. He says that he was already preparing all the documents to adapt to the requirements of the Portuguese authorities, but now he is calmer. “I knew that for at least 90 days, the Brazilian CNH would normally be valid. But, after that, I had to go through all the procedures to change the license, including taking specific tests,” he says. “I’m glad I don’t have to contend with all the bureaucracy,” he adds.

The right to drive with a driver’s license from the country of origin was valid for EU and UK nationals living in Portugal. Now, that scope will be expanded with the countries of the CPLP, of which Brazil is a member, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a group the Brazilian government wants the country to be included. Portugal, whose population is shrinking, has made efforts to attract foreigners and boost the economy. Brazilians are the largest group of foreigners in the country – about 204,000 are officially recognized.

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It is important to note that tourists traveling through Portugal can drive normally with CNH in their country for up to 185 days, without requiring any official permission. “I’ve always done this, but now, officially living in the country, the picture has changed. Fortunately, the new law has made my life easier,” highlights Gonçalves.

visa package

The expectation about the enactment of the law recognizing the driver’s license for foreigners has been expected since June 15, when it was approved by the Council of Ministers. Now, all eyes are on the visa facilitation project for foreigners who want to work in Portugal. A vote on the package of measures is scheduled for July 21. The promise is that all proposals will be evaluated on the same day. If approved – the ruling Socialist Party has a majority in the legislature – the Portuguese president will have 20 days to punish everything.

Specialists, however, recommend a lot of caution with the facilities that Portugal offers. To think that immigration to the country will be easy, with a guarantee of employment, is a big mistake. Salaries in the state are very low – the minimum is only 705 euros, and this does not pay the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Lisbon. It is no coincidence that many foreigners live in inhumane conditions in the Portuguese capital. It is very common to find beggars on the streets, people who came to the European country with a dream of a better life, but only found frustration. Most of them do not have the money to go home.

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In addition, inflation is at its highest level in decades, nearly 9% annually. Many Portuguese complain about high prices and are being pushed from large urban centers to remote areas, without the necessary infrastructure. Therefore, experts point out that they did not fall in love with the siren song that everything is great in Portugal, where many people are trying to sell through social networks.

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