The Jeff Bezos-funded company will build a nuclear power plant in the UK

The Jeff Bezos-funded company will build a nuclear power plant in the UK

Atomic fusion energy is an alternative to the production of electrical energy, and some businesses are already on this path around the planet. This is the state of the general fusion, although it has not yet generated energy, there is a plant to test its fusion energy device. The Canadian company is sponsored by Amazon and Blue Origin founder Millionaire Jeff Bezos, who plans to set up and operate in the UK by 2025.

General Fusion seeks to make fusion energy a reality. Basically, this process involves the fusion of hydrogen atoms under high temperature and pressure – all into one furnace – and, with it, a lot of energy being released. A beautiful example of this is the sun, which attaches hydrogen atoms to its nucleus. But so far no company has made a net profit in this endeavor because the whole process uses more energy than it can produce.

General Fusion wants to be operational by 2025, thus laying the foundation for the future of energy (Imagine: reproduction / general fusion)

Therefore, private funding is important for the development of the project and research, when sponsorship comes from one of the richest people in the world. In addition to Bezos, General Fusion looked at other sponsorship sources, including the UK government. So far, the company’s facilities are only 70% of the commercial furnace.

Power generation involves the compression of highly heated plasma into a cylinder, called a magnetic target fusion coated with a liquid metal wall. The heat generated is then used to produce steam and eventually heats a turbine. This is an alternative to establishing clean energy production.

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