The Indian variants of Coronavirus account for 10% of cases in London

The Indian variants of Coronavirus account for 10% of cases in London

The UK government is monitoring the circulation of three different Indian species of coronavirus, all of which are genetically similar. In London, one in every 10 tests positive for type-RT-PCR, taken between 10-17 April, corresponds to one of them. The British laboratory Sanger Institute has mapped the genome of the virus based on positive smear tests conducted in the United Kingdom.

Scientists say that the Indian variants have spread widely during the month of April in the English capital and may have surpassed the English variant, which until now is still prevalent in the United Kingdom. Across England, 2.4% of all infections reported between 11-17 April coincide with one of three variants that originated in India. The rate is 12 times higher than that recorded at the end of March (0.2%).

In an interview with the Daily Mail, mathematician Christina Bagel, a professor at University College London, said that cases caused by Indian variants in the UK are still few to predict how they will behave, as there are not enough genetic tests in India, it is also not possible to obtain Information about its transmissibility or lethality.

“The numbers are still low, but definitely in London now, B.1.617 and its subspecies are the ones that seem to be increasing. This may be because it is outperforming other breeds, including the dominant (English) Kent breed.

Recent research indicates that AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines work against Indian variants.

Learn how the Corona virus attacks the human body:

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