The health giant is living in fear of bankruptcy in the country

The health giant is living in fear of bankruptcy in the country

No company wants to experience the horrors of bankruptcy, which is why everyone is looking for the best options to maintain a healthy system.

However, a famous healthcare company is experiencing the horrors of bankruptcy and could terrify everyone in the country.

According to information from Exame, Steward Health Care System, which operates 31 hospitals in eight states, is facing a serious cash crunch.

In Florida hospitals, unpaid suppliers have stopped providing knee replacements and other supplies, causing some surgeries to be postponed.

Garbage collection workers are cutting off service due to unpaid bills, causing bags to pile up.

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Traveling nurses left their jobs at Steward Hospitals after the temporary agency that sent them said they were not paid.

Pest control company Rentokil North America has sued Steward for $1.6 million in alleged unpaid bills.

Rentokil was called in by the director of Rockledge Regional Medical Center, Florida, to fix 3,000 bats discovered there. Steward is challenging a lawsuit from a bat removal company

Last month, Steward announced a plan that it said would ensure uninterrupted medical care throughout its operations. a

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The company said it is using a $150 million loan to pay bills and will sell assets to raise money.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Steward recently hired restructuring advisors. If the company goes bankrupt, it will be one of the largest hospital operator bankruptcies in decades.

MPT has $10 billion in debt, with $1.9 billion due by the end of 2025 and $3.2 billion due in 2026. To save money, MPT cut its quarterly dividend by roughly half.

What happens in bankruptcy?

After declaring bankruptcy, the company's assets, as well as the entrepreneur's assets, can be collected and liquidated. In other words, it will be used to pay whatever you owe. Furthermore, the company's owners and partners cannot conduct any business activity until the end of the bankruptcy court proceedings.

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