The harsh closure of McDonald’s for scandalous reasons

The harsh closure of McDonald’s for scandalous reasons

A Canadian restaurant has been forced to lower its doors after more than 900 fights were reported at the location

Title: “The Worst McDonald’s The World” to a unit in Ottawa, Canada, no less. There were scandalous situations in the institution that spread on the Internet.

According to the Daily Mail, more than 900 fights were recorded inside the restaurant. One of them, to give you an idea of ​​the chaos of the situation, involved a man with a raccoon inside his jacket.

In the car, a former manager confirmed that working there was one of the worst experiences he had ever had in his life. In 2018, Canadian police received at least 800 calls to file complaints.

Last year, there were more than 150. For this reason, the McDonald’s franchisee decided not to renew the contract with Peter Crosthwaite, the person in charge of the unit. It closed its doors last April, after 40 years.

McDonald’s restaurant in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, closes its doors in April after 40 years of operation with the title of the worst restaurant in the world (Photo: CTV News)

In which country is there no McDonald’s?

Incredible as it may seem, restaurants were closed in Bolivia in 2012 and never returned. It took more than 14 years of trying, until they decided to leave the country forever.

McDonald's has announced the return of its beloved snack (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

McDonald’s has broken all out and just announced the return of their favorite snack, after years of cruel extinction

McDonald's and a closed store (Photos: Copy / Internet)

Closing all activities: The official announcement of McDonald’s farewell in the country after years and customers’ sadness

McDonald's and Globo (Reproduction - Internet)

Mass closure and plunge into bankruptcy: McDonald’s competitor’s debacle has now been confirmed by Globo

During the residency, 8 units were opened, spread across La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Due to the rejection of local culture, snack sales failed, she was in the red and had to declare bankruptcy. Information from R7.

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Customers of the famous fast food chain were surprised by the news of the group’s bankruptcy in the country. The snack bar is very popular all over the world, but has failed to gain popularity among the local audience.

McDonald's bankruptcy
In Bolivia, McDonald’s declared bankruptcy and closed all its units in the country (Photo: Disclosure)

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