The government will facilitate payroll loans to offset the end of the FGTS birthday drawdown

The government will facilitate payroll loans to offset the end of the FGTS birthday drawdown

Brasilia – Minister of Labor and Employment, Louise MarinoHe mentioned this Tuesday, 27, that Workers They will be able to obtain a loan directly from banks, without the approval of their employer, using their salaries as collateral. This procedure will become available from the FGTS Digital app, next Friday, and is a new way to collect Service time guarantee fund Announced by the government.

A payroll loan provides for the installments to be deducted directly from the payroll or salary. The interest rate is lower compared to other types of loans.

“Today, payroll loans can exist if companies enter into agreements with banks. (companies) They did not do this, so we, using the electronic social tool and the FGTS Digital application, created an element to enable the worker to obtain this loan without mediation from the employer. The minister said that he would no longer need to consult his employer.

According to him, the FGTS digital tool will manage the relationship with banks, workers and employers. “When a company receives, ‘Look, you have to deduct (For salary loan) He explained that this worker is on his salary.

The government will end the FGTS anniversary withdrawal filming: Daniel Teixeira / Estadão

Among the features of the new system, according to the volume, are the creation of quick and personalized guides; Simulating the value of compensatory compensation, a fine of 40%, in addition to conducting this type of research for several workers at the same time (in batches). Pix was chosen as the FGTS payment method, which should improve the allocation process in the worker's account.

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Marinho stated that FGTS Digital is a government response on how to reduce the so-called cost of Brazil through efficiency in public administration. According to Marinho, the initiative will bring savings in working hours for companies, simplify access to the fund and greater management of deposits by employers. He said in a press interview: “Workers will enjoy greater transparency regarding deposits in the fund.”

The digital base of the Workers Fund will use the information from eSocial as a database and will be responsible for all monthly FGTS collections and termination payments.

End of FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal

Marinho said that the government plans to send a bill to the National Congress, in March, that proposes the end of the FGTS birthday withdrawal, a mechanism that allows workers to withdraw part of the amount from the fund annually in the month of their birthday.

Currently, those who subscribe to the method can access a portion of the FGTS each year, but cannot withdraw the full amount from the account in the event of dismissal without just cause. If you decide to return to the standard model, you will need to complete a 24-month grace period.

“We are tying up the last details, sharing together, (Ministries) Labor, Finance and the Civic House so that we can refer the bill to Congress.” He stated that he did not rule out the possibility of turning the proposal into a temporary measure.

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