The Government of Tocantins implements the Military College in Paraná

The Government of Tocantins implements the Military College in Paraná

The city of Paraná, in the southeast of Tocantins, will also have a military college. The Government of Tocantins, through the Secretary of State for Education, Youth and Sports (Seduc), promoted a public consultation for the local community on Wednesday, 26, for the implementation of the Military College of the State of Tocantins, in Paraná.

The unit will be implemented at Euclides Bezerra Gerais State School. Currently, the school offers the fifth to ninth year of elementary school, with a capacity to serve around 500 students.

On this occasion, the permission to conduct a general renewal of the educational unit was signed with investments estimated at 1.5 million Brazilian riyals. The goal is to ensure better working and learning conditions for students. Improvements will include the school’s two wings, including nine classrooms, a library, five administration rooms, restrooms, covered recreational patios, a canteen and storage.

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Colégio Duque de Caxias de Palmas Director Major Fernando Gómez Oliveira presented the methodology of the military units. He explained that military colleges strive for server excellence in order to offer increasingly high-quality education, as well as discipline and concepts of citizenship to students.

The President of the Legislative Assembly of Tocantins, Representative Antonio Andrade, emphasized that the implementation of the College is an old requirement and a dream come true. “We have been waiting for a long time to implement this college, so it is a dream that is being turned into reality by Governor Wanderley Barbosa,” he noted.

The Minister of State for Education, Youth and Sports, Fabio Vaz, emphasized that the choice to own a school with a military philosophy is the result of hard work, mainly due to the epidemic that characterizes Tocantines does not stop. Tocantins needed this attention and Governor Wanderley Barbosa spared no effort to bring these demands to the population. This military school in Paraná is an example of this separation,” the secretary noted.

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The Mayor of Paraná, Fabio Augusto, also characterized the establishment of the college as a dream for many years that came true and an opportunity to improve teaching. He stressed that “this college is an old demand and represents saving quality education, based on discipline and the principles of citizenship.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Military Police, Colonel Julio Manuel da Silva Neto, said that the Military Police has arrived to add to the Minister of Education, in the sense of improving education further. “We also have a philosophy that focuses on discipline and introducing values ​​to our students,” he stressed.

(Photo: Isekias Araujo)


With this new unit, Tocantins now has 26 military colleges, distributed in the cities of Araguaña, Arias, Araguatins, Agustinópolis, Araguaçu, Colinas de Tocantins, Dianopolis, Taguatinga, Alvorada, Gurube, Palmeropolis, Juarái Three, and Mirásima do (Tocantins units) and Cristalândia, Paraíso do Tocantins, Porto Nacional, Pindorama, Aliança do Tocantins, Colmeia, São Miguel do Tocantins, Natividade, Paranã.

the audience

The event was attended by representatives of the state. Regional Director of Youth and Sports Education in Arias, Leonardo Victor dos Santos; Mayor Carlos Furtado Ferreira; Commander of the 1st Autonomous Military Police Company, Major Leonardo Amorim Teixeira; PMTO Commander in Chief, Colonel QOPM Júlio Manoel da Silva Neto. Mayors and members of city councils in the region also participated in the session.

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