“The goal of the Global South should not be to antagonize the North,” Lula says at one summit.

“The goal of the Global South should not be to antagonize the North,” Lula says at one summit.

President Lula spoke at the Second Voices of the Global South Virtual Summit, organized by the Government of India

President Lula

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247 – President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva stressed on Friday (17) the need for a new model of international relations. Speaking at the 2nd Voices of the Global South virtual summit, Lula stressed that the Global South should not antagonize the countries of the North, but should strive for a more just system where everyone has a voice.

Lula critiques the way the Global South has been historically portrayed and categorized, highlighting the need to recognize and embrace a collective identity based on shared struggles. The president said, “We adopt the views of others that do not favor ours without reflecting. We have been called third world countries, developing countries, divided between emerging and least developed, low-income and middle-income countries.”

He went on to reject the idea that the Global South is too diverse to be united, before recalling the common characteristics between countries, such as anti-colonial struggles and economic development.

The Brazilian head of state also touched on the need to reform global governance and stressed the failures of current international institutions, citing the recent veto of Brazilian resolutions in the UN Security Council, but without mentioning the United States.

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“It is necessary to reform global governance. International institutions are bankrupt, as current wars have shown. Peace solutions are repeatedly thwarted by vetoes,” he said.

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Lula noted that, during his speech to the UN General Assembly this year, he proposed that reducing inequality among people be the main goal of the international agenda. He stressed, “I proposed at the United Nations that we consider reducing inequality as a main goal. Otherwise, the gap between rich and poor countries will widen.”

It also highlighted the consequences of inaction, including stark inequalities, the impact of climate change and the overexploitation of resources such as vital minerals.

The President affirmed the Global South’s intention to seek a more just system, and concluded by saying: “As the Global South, our intention is not to antagonize the so-called North, but rather to achieve a just system in which every individual has a voice. We will speak louder.” If we talk together.”

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