The Galaxy Buds 2 may have already passed Anatel and debuted in 4 colors, says the source

The Galaxy Buds 2 may have already passed Anatel and debuted in 4 colors, says the source

Update – 05/05/2021 – by EB

We have already seen some clues pointing to the development of the new Galaxy Buds 2, which could arrive in even 4 colors. New information about the Galaxy Buds 2 now indicates that it is already on Anatel systems in Brazil, where it should be approved, although the documents have not yet been published.

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According to GalaxyClub, the new headphones will be identified by the SM-R177 and should have the same colors that we will see in the Galaxy Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, which should be announced at the beginning of the second half of 2021.

The Galaxy Buds 2 should be available in green, purple, black and white, the latter being the one spotted in today’s certification.

This combination is very possible, as in previous versions, Samsung provided those who pre-sold with wireless headphones. This way they will make a more beautiful ensemble with the new folders from South Korea.

GalaxyClud estimates that the Galaxy Buds 2 should be sold at a price similar to that of the Buds Plus, which arrived in Brazil for R $ 999, but was launched internationally for $ 149.

Update (05/05/21) – JB

Rumors have revealed that the Galaxy Buds 2 should be released in up to four colors

Although a large portion of rumors and leaks channels focus on Developing Samsung smart watchesThe South Korean brand should also launch its new wireless headphones soon Galaxy Buds 2.

This week, Galaxy Club members were able to access first device details through sources working at Samsung. And now we know that The headphones will be official in four colors: Black, white, purple and green.

Interestingly, the green icon on the Galaxy Buds 2 is the same as that used for the green for Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Carrying the SM-R177 number, the new Galaxy Buds 2 should hit the market as an update to the original buds. Hence, we shouldn’t expect improved features like in the Pro line, for example.

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In any case, this will be offset in the price. According to more recent rumors, it is the headphones It can be advertised for up to $ 170 (~ 917 Brazilian Real) However, Samsung has not officially commented yet on this matter.

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Original text (03/30/21)

Samsung already has a bunch of Buds from its line of Buds, and has the advantage of being part of the True Wireless (TWS) category, which has been available to the public since 2019, when the first generation was officially made by the brand. South Korea.

However, after accessories Buds of the first generationAnd the NeighborhoodAnd the forefront e PlusNow, the company may develop Galaxy Buds 2. At least that’s what was reported in the latest APK for the Galaxy Wearable app, indicating that Samsung can make an exaggeration of options out there in the Bluetooth headphone market.

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The version of the application in question is 2.2.39, where the headphones appear with many references, such as the codename “Berry”, and described as “earphone”, indicating that they are for use in the ear, in addition to the name “Galaxy Buds2”, along with Along with other headphones already available by the manufacturer, which are also listed, as you can see in the image below.

Other characteristics of Buds 2 were also mentioned, such as the fact that it also supports connectivity on many devices, something Samsung has been working with more efficiently in the latest releases, with an emphasis on creating an ecosystem in which integration is smarter.

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Thus, switching between cell phones, tablets and computers will always be possible, giving the headphones more versatility. Although many details about usability have been leaked, there is still information hidden in the APK file, something that can be revealed in later versions of the app.

Samsung has not yet announced confirmation that the Galaxy Buds 2 will actually be released, but the fact that the company always launches in the second half of the year, the likelihood that the company will announce headphones during this period is not possible. Excluded.

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