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An orca was lost in the Seine in Francein the past ten days, he was seen on Thursday (26) at a point about 20 kilometers from the city of Rouen.

The animal is in poor health and needs to return to the sea as soon as possible, since the sea is where there is food.

The whale is about 4 meters long. It was first seen on May 16, near the mouth of the river, between the port of Le Havre and the town of Honfleur, in the Normandy region. So, in the past few days, the whale swam upstream for more than 10 kilometers.

The French government came up with a plan to try to persuade the whale to return to the sea: to reproduce the recorded sounds of other orcas.

There was a meeting between researchers from France and other countries to determine the best way to try to take Orca out to sea. The animal will be monitored from afar, with a drone that will also emit orca whale sounds. The idea is to do this until the animal returns to the sea.

Using these non-invasive methods, hundreds of meters away, is better than using vessels, which must approach the animal (this may exacerbate the whale’s stress in a way that threatens its health). The chance of a whale surviving is not high.

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