The former Microsoft engineer made over $10 million selling gift cards

The former Microsoft engineer made over $10 million selling gift cards

The scheme includes selling over 120,000 gift cards

Do you know the saying “spit on the plate you ate”? This is exactly what Former software engineer Give MicrosoftAnd the Volodymyr Kvashuk. a 26 years old ukrainian I created one Millions Scheme involve a deviation from Thousands of gift cards from X-Box, to me Bloomberg. Former employee of Microsoft judge him Nine years in prison.

Volodymyr Kvashuk was part of Responsible teamto find an error of fat online yes Microsoft, searching for glitches payment system. This was done by Shopping simulation In the system itself, i.e. many fake purchases were made daily in search of failures.

According to Bloomberg, if a former software engineer added a Dell computer, for example, to his shopping cart, he would use a file Fake credit card provided by MicrosoftYou will complete the transaction and report each other A possible error has been found. The system will know it’s a simulated purchase and won’t deliver the product, at least in theory.

After trying really hard to find the bug, he did. The scammer noticed that when he tried to buy gift cards, the store did not send the numbers with numbers and letters, as usual in a normal purchase. Instead, I managed Generate unlimited codes almost for free. This flaw was exploited less than a year ago.

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Kvashuk started creating Xbox gift cards between 10 to 100 dollars. When he gained confidence, these numbers went much further, reaching More than 152,000 cards, Equivalent 10.1 million USD. With wealth, the man lived in Palace overlooking the lake, no cost $1.6 million and a car from Tesla $160,000 USD, and they had plans to buy a cottage for ski seasons, yacht and even one seaplane. This didn’t happen because he was captured by US federal agents before

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Those sentenced by American justice are still Concerned co-workers, using test emails from members of his team, who also played the same role as Kvashuk. At first, he did everything with his data, scaling things up Million dollarsHe began to involve his colleagues. In fairness, he said that he did not intend to create the fraud scheme, but that He was working on a special project that would benefit the company.

Next to 9 years in prison, ordered to pay 8,344.586 USD In her response to Microsoft and she will be estranged After the US court rulings. The case is not new, but only now the documents of what happened by the American justice have been revealed and Bloomberg chased this information, as well as interviews with current and former employees who were close to the Ukrainian. You can check out the full report (in English) Here.

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Across: Bloomberg Source: American justice

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