The fleet of Mitsubishi classic cars will go up for auction in the UK

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One of the rarest Mitsubishi that will be auctioned is the first generation three-door Pajero, since 1987

A collection of classic and old cars belonging to the Mitsubishi fleet would be a dream for any gearhead of the JDM breed. This is what Mitsubishi UK does. Since last month, the Japanese brand has decided to auction 16 models from its fleet at priceless prices, due to the scarcity of some of them.

A rare example Lancer Evolution 6 Tommy McKinen Edition Whose bid is currently £ 78,000 (around $ 108,000) and is likely to set a world record with a hammer stroke. According to the brand, this is number 6 of a total of 250 units produced and the turbo replacement has already been within warranty.

Another popular model is the assembly car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 From Group N, which has twice won the 2007 British Rally Championship with an initial bid of £ 36,000 ($ 50,000).

Not least offered at £ 59,000 ($ 82,000), it’s the first unit of a batch of 200 made from Evolution IX MR FQ-360 HKS . The model in question has less than 5,000 miles on the odometer, and around 8,050 kilometers driven.

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Oldest, exact copy of a file Model A in 1917 , The first mass-produced car in Japan that was built with the same “molds” as the original Model A, remembering that none of the 30 samples survived.

In addition, there is a Mitsubishi Starion priced at 16,600 pounds (23,000 USD), a Mitsubishi 3000 GT, a maximum of 22,700 pounds (31,500 USD) and a first-generation Lancer (Colt Lancer) that was shown in the British saloon of the car. British Auto Show In 1974.

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The hatch was previously repurchased Colt Cars In the 1980s, before going through a complete overhaul by the company’s vehicle operations sector. Equipped with a 1.4 engine and manual gearbox, it has 118,613 km marked on the odometer.

Finally, there is also a sample of eight made of Pocket CJ-3B Imported to the UK obtained through a Mitsubishi license to produce it in Japan after World War II, as well as L200 pickup It was modified by Tom Ford of TopGear magazine to cross the extension of Namibia.

It is worth noting that the brand intends to leave the UK, which has left many fans and enthusiasts in shock. If that is any consolation for them, then this is their last week Purchase at auction Some of the remaining models that were part of history Mitsubishi In that country.

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