The financial crisis is even affecting health insurance

The financial crisis is even affecting health insurance

Grêmio will try to unilaterally promote changes to the group health plan for employees, charging dependents monthly fees and participating in examinations and consultations for owners and dependents.
The union promoted the vote, but the group did not accept it.
The agreement is valid from 2022 to 2024.
From the process: “It is stated that the plaintiff forced the workers to sign a term choosing one of the plan models provided, under penalty that, if they did not do so, they would be automatically rolled over to the basic method of the Unimed plan.
“I concluded that unilateral change is harmful and harmful to workers.”
From the process: “Gremio also advised that his current financial situation required that maintenance of the health plan include changing its basic method.”
I tried, in vain, to listen to the club’s CEO, Marcio Pinto, to find out what impact this would have on finances.
In the battle between sea and rock, oysters are hunted.
From Miguel Salaberry Filho, President of the Union of Workers of Sports Clubs, Sports Federations and Employees:
“Grêmio failed to comply with the collective labor agreement signed with Secefergs registered with MTE and which is valid from 05/02/22 to 05/02/24. In accordance with the decision contained in the Mandamus Order of the Regional Labor Court of the Fourth District it was decided to maintain the Unimed collective health plan , in pre-determined methods, at no cost to the workers, under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 500.00 for each day of non-compliance.”

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