The Federal Revenue Service is issuing an advisory for those covered by refunds under the IR Code 2023

The Federal Revenue Service is issuing an advisory for those covered by refunds under the IR Code 2023

The Federal Revenue Authority recently announced the opening of consultations on the sixth batch of income tax refunds. It is estimated that 358,737 taxpayers will benefit, with a total disbursement of more than R$760 million. You can inquire via Federal Revenue website Or through the individual application.

How to carry out consultation?

To view the refund, taxpayers must access the revenue website or individual application. It is also possible to check if there are outstanding issues with your income tax return, which could result in your refund being blocked.

If the amount to be refunded has not been credited to the account indicated in the return, the taxpayer may request it in person at any branch of Banco do Brasil or call the institution's call center at 4004-0001 (capital letters), 0800-729-0001 ( Other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (special phone number exclusively for the hearing impaired) to reschedule crediting amounts.

What happens if the refund is not received in the banking network?

If the taxpayer does not receive a refund within a year, they will need to request it again through the e-CAC portal, accessing the menu “Returns and statements > My income tax” and clicking on “Request a refund not received in the banking network”.

When will payment be made?

According to the IRS, the bank deposit is scheduled to take place on November 30. About R$ 525 million will be directed to priority taxpayers, including seniors over 80 years of age, people aged 60 to 79 years, individuals with physical or mental disabilities, or serious illnesses, and teachers who are Most of them earn their income from teaching and those who don't do so. They have legal priority, but chose the pre-filled declaration or chose to receive the refund via PIX.

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For more information, access Federal Revenue website And follow the latest updates regarding income tax refunds.

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