The FE Race takes place at the São Paulo sampdrome on the same day as the Interlagos Music Festival – Sport

The FE Race takes place at the São Paulo sampdrome on the same day as the Interlagos Music Festival - Sport

Race in Anhembi and show in Interlagos. The inaugural ePrix will take place in São Paulo, on March 25, around the Sambadrome, on the same day as the Lollapalooza Festival, which will take place on the racetrack. For City Hall, it is no problem to host both events at these two locations.

As part of its values, the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) electric car class does not propose racing on circuits like Formula 1, for example. However, for this ninth season, the trend is to have more races on the traditional circuits.

At the ePrix launch event, at the City Hall, Mayor Riccardo Nunes confirmed that events are indeed in the right places. Additionally, expecting 8,000 jobs to be created directly and indirectly is also a gimmick, in addition to the hotels’ absorptive capacity.

“If there were simultaneous events, one in the southern region and one in the northern region, we would have no problem serving all this audience and this population,” Nunes said. “It is very quiet, it will be necessary to adapt transportation and in other cases.”

Lucas di Grassi, developer, ambassador and pilot, class champion in 2017, defended a race that, this time, won’t close marginal Tietê to traffic.

“The purpose of Formula E is to take electric cars to the places where they need to be used, which are big centers and big cities,” he said.

Investments for the city

“FE identified Anhembi as an ideal venue, very technical and peculiar for a great race. The cost-benefit ratio is also very good for São Paulo. What the city is investing in is very little compared to the return, said Gustavo Perez, president of SPTuris, who also projected $128 million in resources for the city. about environmental concerns.

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In addition to the Sao Paulo stage, the ePrix has already been confirmed in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Monaco, South Korea, Indonesia, Italy and the United Kingdom, with three races to be determined.

FE contract with the capital of São Paulo for five years.

* Trainee in R7Under the supervision of André Avillar

Formula E: The electric car category lands for the first time in Sao Paulo

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