The Farm: Rika, Erica, Thiago and Diane in Rocca this week

Crédito: Reprodução/Record TV

In another dynamic to vote to form Roca this week, this Tuesday (5), workers had to face the votes of their partners in “farm 13‘, Da Record.

as leader of the week, gui arugu He was responsible for referring directly to the first pawn, and the entrepreneur referred to the influencer Rico Melquiades.

With individual votes for each pawn, Erica Schneider It was chosen by seven votes. As it happened every week, the most voted by participants actually have the right to draw another pawn straight up, and Thiago Picuelo Choice cannot be escaped.

Unlike other weeks, the fourth Rosero was not picked up by Resta One’s dynamics. This time, the unlucky one will be chosen by the one with the power of the red flame, in this case, Bill Araujo, who ended up choosing Diane Melo.

In doing so, Rico, Erica, Thiago and Diane Melo formed the former quartet of Rosa this week. As the final candidate, Diane had to veto someone from the farmer’s test this Wednesday (5), and the model objected to Thiago.

Now Rico, Erica and Diane are competing in the Farmer’s Test to see who escapes the public vote on Thursday (6).

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