The fan reaches maximum within 2 hours of play

The fan reaches maximum within 2 hours of play

Reaching level 60 in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can be a “time-consuming” task for some. Even with the average duration of the game, through the traditional path, it is necessary to invest time in solving crimes and carrying out secondary quests. However, one player was able to do it within two hours of gameplay.

According to ‘arthyeee’, through a post on Reddit, the game offered a very large number of XP points just for web-swinging around New York’s cities. Thus, he began performing acrobatics across skyscrapers and collecting all the necessary experience to reach the maximum level.

According to him, by applying this method in Spider-Man 2, it was possible to reach level 60 even before the first mission was completed. Right after the opening scenes, Peter and Miles already have their own set of skills to use for free.

(Source: Arthiyi)

Basically, there’s a glitch that abuses the ability to run and jump in the air while doing tricks in the air, which causes the game to give you ridiculous amounts of XP for some reason. The game cap is 400 XP for continuous tricks, but it is still possible to level up very quickly. It took me a few precious hours to get from level 1 to level 60, but I would do it again.

For those who want to try, the netizen explained that the method works best with Peter and his iron arms. There’s a sort of limiter in Miles that is able to block a series of stunts with special moves in Spider-Man 2, so another hero is more efficient for those interested in pursuing that.

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