The famous manga author almost worked with Stanley Kubrick on the Hollywood masterpiece

The famous manga author almost worked with Stanley Kubrick on the Hollywood masterpiece

Osamu Tezuka and Stanley Kubricktwo icons in their field, were about to join forces in a collaboration that could have changed the course of cinema history.

In early 1965, Tezuka, then 37 years old, received an interesting letter from the famous American director. At the time, Kubrick was immersed in his pioneering project.2001: A space journey'.

The seed for this quasi-partnership was planted when Kubrick, who was fascinated by Tezuka's works, especially “Astro Boy,” decided to reach out to him.

He saw Japanese mangaka as a potentially valuable collaborator for his ambitious space project.

Imagining the fusion of Tezuka's unique vision with Kubrick's visual and narrative style, the director invited the artist to contribute his talent to the film that would become a landmark in the history of cinema. Sci-fi.

Tezuka's final response

Osamu Tezuka, “God of Manga” – Image: IMDb/Reproduction

Excited by the prospect of working on such an important project, Tezuka seriously considered the proposal. However, an insurmountable obstacle stood in their way: her Financial circumstances.

Moving to London for a year, a condition of the collaboration, was beyond Tezuka's financial means at the time.

He was unfortunately forced to decline the invitation, a decision shaped by economic constraints that prevented him from diving into this exciting opportunity.

Fate reserved a place in history for John Housley, who ended up filling the gap that Tezuka nearly filled in “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Although Housley played a valuable role in Kubrick's team, a collaboration with Tezuka would undoubtedly have been a unique blend of styles and perspectives, a convergence of Kubrick's genius. mango And cinema.

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“2001: A Space Odyssey” – Image: Reproduction

More about Osamu Tezuka

The life of the Osamu Tezuka Not only is it notable for its pioneering contributions to Japanese manga and animation, but also for these near-mythical moments of close collaboration.

Known as the God of Manga and Father of Anime, his influence transcends borders and generations, and continues to inspire artists around the world.

Stanley Kubrick, with his unique and precise vision, also left a lasting cinematic legacy.

His relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation resulted in the production of masterpieces that challenged tradition and set new standards in the business world the seventh art.

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