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A family in Lima, Peru, bought a fox thinking they had adopted a puppy. Environmental authorities discovered the animal after it escaped from the dwelling and began attacking chickens in the neighborhood.

The fox, which is not a pet, was called “Run Run” or “Run Run” in the free translation. She is about eight months old and has been wanted by the Peruvian Forest Service since May.

Maribel Sotelo, who is responsible for buying the animal, told the Peruvian press that she had bought the supposed dog at a fair for the equivalent of R$72.00. The sellers even said that the fox was a Siberian husky.

“My son wanted a pet and didn’t know it was a fox, he grew up trying to bite things, and that’s when my husband said ‘This is a fox, not a dog,'” Sotelo told Pero Channel.

The Run has killed roosters, chickens, and guinea pigs since they escaped the family home on May 24, but he still returns at night to the old house in search of food.

The woman also reports that the fox is fed very carefully so that it does not end up ingesting the sedatives that environmental authorities use to capture it.

A neighbor of the family saw the mammal and recorded the animal’s walk during the day and at night. The videos have gone viral on TikTok and have already garnered more than 2 million views.

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