The fall of Brazil and its exclusion from the final match of the BRIC dance in Poland

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Expectations were high, but unfortunately, Brazilians Itsa and Zandin fell on Wednesday and won’t make it to the World Dance Championships final, in Gdansk, Poland. The only representative of the country in the big decision will be Bart, who presents himself on Saturday.

Itsa and Xandin competed in the female and male categories, respectively. The tournament is played in a single-knockout format, and, unfortunately, neither of them has overtaken their opponent. Bart was rated a finalist of 6 due to his strong acting and name in the Sports Scenario.

The finalists are: Nuri (Japan), Amir (Russia), Lee (Netherlands) and Jonny Fox (Spain). In the women’s titles, she was Fanny Budavong (from France), Ayumi (from Japan), Stephanie (from the United Kingdom) and Favi (from Russia).

Brick dancing will be new to the Olympics and will make its debut at the Paris Olympics in 2024. Brazil, despite having only one representative in the main international competition, arrives as one of the countries to be conquered. This sport has everything to gain popularity, like skateboarding and surfing, which debuted in Tokyo and have already captured the hearts of millions of Brazilians.

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