The “Fake News” that Gustavo and Larissa told in the greenhouse

The "Fake News" that Gustavo and Larissa told in the greenhouse

potential new participants inBBB 22″ (TV Globo) Today I arrived at the glass house and was immediately bombarded with questions.

They revealed if anyone has been canceled, how does Rodrigo come out realityIf there is a favourite, up to the votes of the last walls.

However, not all the information given by Gustavo and Larissa has been completely proven. With the brothers stopping watching the show last week, many of the news has become old.

Others are purely the opinion of the duo, and some are perhaps sheer lies. Check out the most controversial gossip told by Gustavo and Larissa:

Program “good”

In their first contact with the residents of the glass house, the brothers wanted to know if the edition was considered good by the public. At that time, Gustavo hesitated and said: “Well! What do you think?”. Eliezer replied that he had no idea.

Arthur Aguiar continued to wonder, “Is it more or less? Not like, damn it, right?”.

While Gustavo continued to say that the program was “good,” Larissa was silent and shrugged her shoulders with a tone of mystery.

Slovenian meme like Ivete

When he was in contact with Slovenia, who was already a friend, Larissa said that the sister became a meme outside the house due to a situation that happened at the party of the leader of Thiago Abravanel. On this occasion, Miss Pernambuco took the stage and imitated Yvette Sangalo.

One resident of the glass house said, “Remember the moment at the party when you went up and imitated Evity? You became a meme!” Eslô was quite happy with the statement – but in fact, he had no idea it hadn’t been posted online.

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Everyone loves jade

In a conversation with BBBs, Larissa told Jade that “everyone loves it” outside. But due to confinement, the inhabitant of the greenhouse has missed the events of the past week.

After winning his first lead, Bacon pointed to Arthur – a position that did not command the respect of onlookers. Since then, according to a UOL poll, the influencer Take over the most hated position in this edition.

They all have over a million followers

Larisa was excited to tell the participants the fact that they all have at least 1 million followers on social networks. However, Lucas (574000), Natalia (664000), Eliezer (687000) and Giseilan (712000) are still among the “millionaires” on the Internet – until this article was published.

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