The fact that the 14th salary was paid to INSS and the position of Lula

The fact that the 14th salary was paid to INSS and the position of Lula

The most anticipated reward by Brazilians was a position from Lula in 2024

There is no doubt that the National Institute of Statistics is an essential body in the lives of millions of Brazilians. The municipality, for those who do not know, is responsible for paying retirement and a host of other benefits to workers.

Speaking of the Federal Government Institute, the topic that has sparked talk recently is the fourteenth salary, which is the benefit that Brazilians expect most.

It should be noted that the draft law establishing the XIV INSS salary was created in 2020 and with the aim of providing for the release of the benefit between 2020 and 2021. The PL was created by Vice President Pompeo de Matos – PDT/RS, with amounts which will be allocated to the organization's retirees and pensioners.

The real idea of ​​the payment, which is still under analysis, is to provide financial support to citizens who received the thirteenth advance installment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Official statement about the 14th salary change (Reproduction: Montagem TV Foco)

Faced with so many questions about bonuses, the question that remains unanswered is: Will they really be paid to workers?

INSS and retirement under 60 years old - (Internet reproduction)

INSS private pension under 60: how to secure it in two simple steps and online in 2024

Alan Severiano, INSS

“More than a million”: Severiano's urgent announcement about INSS at JH when the increase is confirmed

INSS is one of the government's flagship programs (Image: Reproduction/ Internet)

Good news for INSS retirees today (15): Adjustment in the next batch with value and date

According to the Longevity Institute portal, the 14th salary has not yet received approval in 2023 due to the lack of legislative progress in determining the proposal. Therefore, there is no requirement for payment.

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It is worth noting that the last update took place in 2022. According to the House of Representatives portal, there was a request for the immediate formation of a special temporary committee to analyze the basic law.

Will Lula's government pay the fourteenth salary?

According to the Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lope, the subsidies provided to National Institute of Social Security retirees and pensioners are difficult to implement, due to the burden on the budget.

He added: “The fourteenth day is more difficult because its weight is very high. I cannot hold the sky with my hands. I have a very difficult reality.” He said during an interview with the newspaper O GLOBO published in March: “We cannot do everything at the same time, otherwise you will not be able to The government is unable to deal with the matter.”

Carlos Lupe (Photos: Reproduction/Wenderson Araujo/Valor)
Carlos Lupe (Photos: Reproduction/Wenderson Araujo/Valor)

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