The Epic Games Store is releasing two amazing free games this Thursday (19)! Redeem now

The Epic Games Store is releasing two amazing free games this Thursday (19)!  Redeem now

The Epic Games Store released two more free games today (19) to be redeemed on PC. This time, the company did not hold back and offered a high-budget game for free: Internal evil. In addition, we also have a standalone game Eternal themes Leave for free.

As usual, the games were released this afternoon (19) and are available for free redemption until the 26th. You have until noon next Thursday to redeem the titles for free, which will be yours forever.

Are you interested in taking advantage of the promotion? Check out more details about free games on the Epic Store below.

This week’s free games on the Epic Store

The Evil Within is a horror game produced by Bethesda, produced by the famous Shinji Mikami. With cutting-edge graphics and third-person gameplay, the game puts you in the shoes of Sebastian Castellanos, who needs to investigate a massacre surrounded by mysteries.

The game is a great choice for Halloween and is not too heavy to run on PC, as it was originally released in 2014. It is worth noting that the title, as well as its sequel, are also on Xbox Game Pass and support gameplay. Via the cloud.

Eternal Threads is a game available for free on the Epic Store.

Eternal Threads has a lighter theme, but can also guarantee a lot of entertainment. The indie game from Cosmonaut Studios features cutting-edge graphics and involves the player following the story of six characters.

With time travel mechanics, the game allows the player to follow the story in different ways. In addition, it is possible to modify the selections using time traversal tools.

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How do I redeem free games?

To redeem free games from the Epic Games Store, simply create a free account in the game store. Then just log in Eternal themes that it Internal evil And click the “Get” button.

Games will be linked to your Epic Games Store library and can be played forever for free. But remember: Game redemption is available for free until Thursday (26th) at noon.

In other words, hurry up and take advantage of these two great games for free on your PC!

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