The deceived Christina confronts the brothers and insults Maria Marta

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The next chapters of empireAnd Christina (Leandra Leal) gets to know the Medeiros family closely. work in a company Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero), dealing with sibling tantrums and Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral).

When summoned to a meeting, everyone is concerned about the absence of the leader, who locks himself in his room after discovering a trap. magnolia (Zizé Polisa) vs. Maria Isis (Marina Ruy Barbosa).

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Christina, Marta and the brothers are waiting for the mighty and are surprised by the delay. Maria Clara Andréia Horta seizes the moment and gloats her bastard sister, saying she must investigate what happened.

Jose Pedro (Cayo Platt) and John Lucas (Daniel Rocha) follows the same tactic as their sister and begins to provoke Cristina, who is jealous of the girl’s closeness to the leader. But after much listening, Christina’s patience with the pampered ends.

The girl gets up from her chair and raises her voice. “Do you want to know what I’m thinking?”He wonders in denial of all. “I’ll say it anyway. You look like three frightened chicks, lost in the storm, looking their way back to the chicken coop!”, shoot.

Maria Marta is amazed. “Does that mean what? To be the mother of the hen?”He asks and gets an answer in the can. “I don’t know, but it seems”, Christina says, her siblings described her as disgusting and rude.

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