The dating app uses artificial intelligence to scan your face and find a match

The dating app uses artificial intelligence to scan your face and find a match

SciMatch, a dating app launched in early 2022, is exploring new frontiers in the world of online dating by using artificial intelligence (AI) to find users the perfect match based on their facial features.

The app, which already has about 5,000 monthly active users, analyzes photos of users’ faces to determine personality traits, such as being extroverted, nervous or agreeable, and then recommends potential partners with compatible traits.

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according to As reported by the Wall Street JournalDevelopers Yanina and Victoria Strelets, sisters who hold degrees in data science and computer science, respectively, were inspired by the idea Research at Northwestern Polytechnic University In China. The study found that the Big Five personality traits — neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness — could be predicted from facial photos with an accuracy rate of more than 70%.

How does SciMatch AI detect your personality from your face?

The application does not focus on specific facial features, but rather studies the face as a whole. For example, face reading experts consider people with heart-shaped faces to be creative and have a fiery temperament.

After the facial analysis, users can start browsing the profiles of other candidates and check their compatibility percentage. A match of 50% or more is considered “good,” with an app rating matching from “poor” to “excellent.”

SciMatch finds out if you’re compatible with another user just by scanning your face (Image: Disclosure/SciMatch)

But, does this really work?

However, the effectiveness of AI in predicting romantic compatibility is being questioned by some relationship experts. Paul Eastwick, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis who studies attraction and romantic relationships, expresses skepticism, saying that a good match can only be determined by two people meeting in person and constantly interacting.

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Despite the skeptics, there are success stories. For example, Lilia Mahmoudi and Anirudh Mallick met through SciMatch two months ago when the app showed they were an 87% match, as reported in the Wall Street Journal. After four days of messaging, the couple met for coffee and have been together ever since. “That 87% turned out to be completely accurate,” Mahmoudi said.

SciMatch is free, but offers additional paid features like the ability to match with someone who looks like a celebrity of your choice. As artificial intelligence continues to play an increasing role in our daily lives, the technology behind SciMatch offers an interesting glimpse into the future of online dating and interpersonal relationships.

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