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Darwin Arch, Galapagos Archipelago rock formation (Ecuador), It eroded and collapsed in the Pacific Ocean this week. This phenomenon was observed by divers on Monday morning (17).

According to the country’s Ministry of Environment, the wear process was normal. In the place of the ancient arch, only two pillars remained.

On the website of the British newspaper The Guardian, a representative of an environmental entity emphasized that it was impossible to prevent the collapse, but stressed the importance of Efforts to preserve the local nature.

“The collapse of the arch is a reminder of just how fragile the world is. There is not much we can do to prevent geological processes like erosion, but it is our duty to protect the islands and their precious marine life,” said Jane Jones. From the Galapagos Conservation Fund.

As far as the area was isolated, without permission for visitors to enter, Attract divers’ attention in surrounding areas. The area is full of sharks, turtles and dolphins.

After the collapse, only two columns remained – Photo: Hector Barrera / Ecuadorian Environment Ministry / AFP

It is named after Darwin

Darwin’s Arch, pictured before the collapse – Photo: Galapagos National Park via AP

The rock formation is named after the scientist Charles Darwin who visited the Galapagos island in 1835. At that time, he examined birds called finches and developed the famous theory of species evolution.

More than a century later, in 1978, the island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the fauna and flora of the area.

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