“The Cubans realized that Che would be more useful than being alive.”

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Twenty-nine years old, Captain Gary Prado Salmon He led the operation that captured the Argentine Ernesto Che Guevara, Left icon, near the village of La Higuera, in Boliviaon October 8, 1967, mentions Crusoe.

Earlier this week, he was at the city’s international book fair for the launch of the fifth edition of his book, The Immolated Guerrilla, which includes updates on the reasons Che moved to rural Bolivia. In an interview with Crusoe mentioned that the Argentine “Nothing heroic” Is that “HeyThe Cubans understood that Che would be more useful dead than alive. ”

“It is now clear that Che Guevara was sent to make a revolution in the Congo, in Africa, because they could no longer afford him in Cuba. […] After leaving the Congo, Che went to Tanzania and Prague, in what was then Czechoslovakia. He took this entire turn because he could not return to Cuba. After much insistence, he was able to convince Fidel to accept it. But he secretly returned with another identity. So they sent him to Bolivia with a team of Cuban professionals. But the Cubans knew that the group would not succeed in Bolivia. […] They left it completely deserted. In short, Che was sacrificed. […] The Cubans knew that Che would be more useful dead than alive. ”

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