“The Cover Falls”, Eugeniere Pence over Deborah and Bruno’s victory at Power Couple Brasil TV News

"The Cover Falls", Eugeniere Pence over Deborah and Bruno's victory at Power Couple Brasil TV News

No Brazil Power Couple 5And the Eugenie Angelou He was worried about a victory Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomao in the pairs test. On Monday (1), partner Mirella Janis said opponents should change their behavior after gaining immunity: “The lid is falling.”

“they [Deborah e Bruno] They were walking like a couple, up and down. Now, because they are the power of the couple, they fill their chests. You will see now. Change, the cap falls off, watch out! ‘ the director warned Mirella, Rod Balla and Marcia Felipe.

During the chat, Rudd indicated that he was annoyed with the couples who had not yet chosen a side in the game: “Everyone above us, all of you, just rolling in here. Those who don’t do anything will go, they will advance.” “It happens just like on other shows,” the former “Plants, As They Talk” singer noted.

“He’s so angry! I just wanted to go with them [Deborah e Bruno] In DR, it’s okay for me to be in them, but I just wanted to go with them,” reinforced Marcia, who On the edge of the danger zone, having collected the worst stock of the week. Bimbolo and Baby Paolillo Near the hot seat, having scored the worst time on Prova dos Casals.

“Whoever watches everything is the audience, who decides everything is the audience. There is a side to it that is good because if you do something wrong, you will soon be eliminated, and you will not stay here hated,” Bala continued.

Check out an excerpt from the conversation:

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